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Information about Fishing Charters from Mackay

Some of the best reef and sport fishing on the east coast is in the waters off Mackay and Mackay fishing charters can take you there. Whether it be chasing tuna, giant trevally or mackerel on a sportfishing trip or heading out to the deep reefs in search of massive red emperor and nannygai, there is a Mackay fishing charter that can take you there.

One of the best things for the fishing off Mackay is the distance to the fish. On most days it will take the best part of 2 hours to get to the best fishing grounds which puts it out of the reach of most small boats. In other places, large numbers of people with boats has caused the fishing to decline somewhat but not in Mackay. There are just so many different species that you can catch in this area and it is not uncommon to come home with a large icebox full with over 10 different species of high quality reef fish. The Mackay charter fishing fleet is made up of both large and small vessels. Boats like the MV Huntress are purpose built for making the long passages to the productive deep reefs. She is big broad and strongly built. The boat is also capable of speeds exceeding 25 knots so travel time is at an absolute minimum. Huntress caters for groups of up to 10 people so charters can be split by more people to make it cheaper for the individual. There are also smaller charters in the Mackay fishing charters fleet with boats like the MV brute strength that specialises in the smaller groups of 2 to 4 people. This type of charter is also very cost effective and productive as smaller boats are much more economical and the distances to be travelled are also done quickly with a cruise speed of over 25 knots.

Sport fishing around the islands of Mackay is a little known but very unpressured fishery. The MV brute strength can take you out on the sportfishing trip of a lifetime chasing giant trevally, queenfish and Spanish mackerel around the offshore islands of Mackay. These islands are home to large populations of these incredibly hard fighting sportfish and it is not uncommon to hook one over 30kgs. Mackay sportfishing charters allow the average fisherman who hasn?t ever really had the chance to hook onto a big fish to get onto the best spots, to hook the fish of a lifetime and to learn all about how to fish for many different species of fish.

Charter fishing also allows the fisherman to fish with people that fish for a living. Professional charter guides spend their lives on the water and can see and pick up on things where most people would only see a vast expanse of water. The little tricks are what makes fishing with a charter guide so rewarding as you can learn how to become a better fisherman simply by watching what they do and listening to the skippers. You may also learn new knots and rigs and new techniques that you did not know before.

So remember the next time you are planning a fishing holiday ? fish smarter fish charter and Mackay fishing charter operators such as Huntress Fishing Charters can take you out on a day to remember can cater for every fishing requirement.

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