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Information on Fishing Charters in Australia

Charter Fishing, Australia Fishing in Australia has long been one of the most popular pastimes for both families looking for a nice way to spend the day and serious hardcore anglers who live and breathe it as a sport. Australia has one of the most diverse and pristine fisheries in the world today and also one of the most well managed. Because Australia is one of the largest continents on earth, the sheer amount of area means that there are many different types of fisheries to experience. From the giant black marlin fishery in Far Northern Queensland, The charter fishing from the Whitsundays, to fly fishing for rainbow trout in the highlands of Tasmania, Australia offers the avid fisherman an absolute plethora of angling possibilities. Australia is also the worlds largest islands with some 25760km of coastline and 8222 islands dotted around its coast. The eastern coast of Queensland is home to the Great Barrier Reef which stretches 2000km from north to south and is the location of some 600 continental offshore islands and 2600 individual coral reefs. There are over 1500 different species of fish that call the reef home and that's just in Queensland.

The Great Barrier Reef itself is the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet even more so than the rainforest. It is visited and admired by millions of tourists every year and is worth some $5.4 billion to the Australian economy. Fishing in the Whitsundays is very productive with a wide variety of both shallow and deep water species to be caught, especially in the Mackay region. Most of the lutjanid species (tropical snappers), coral trout, sweetlip and cod can be caught here as can most of the larger sportfish like marlin, sailfish, tuna, dolphin fish and mackerel. At The southern end of the reef you can expect large hauls of pearl perch, job fish, snapper and parrot. Whatever type of fishing you like to do there is an opportunity here for you.

Australian Fishing Charters But the charter fishing in Australia is not limited to the pristine waters of Queensland. Australia has 8 large states and territories that all have a large expanse of coast line. The northern territory is famous for its sport fishing where species such as barramundi, black jew, fingermark and grunter are common. New South Wales is famous for its tuna, snapper and marlin. Western Australia is famous for its dhufish and crays and the list goes on.

Like fishing anywhere else, when fishing in Australia, Local knowledge is the best fishing equipment that you will ever get and it is usually free. Most of us aussies are pretty friendly people and will gladly give you a bit of information on what to catch where. Local tackle shops are also a really good place to obtain some really useful information so the next time you are in a shop buying some equipment, pick the brains of the guy selling it to you and you might find yourself catching a lot more fish.

Every different location in Australia like Mackay, for instance, sees the fish behaviour and habitats change so even consider the services of a local charter boat. They often know the best places to be and quite often the money you pay will not only include a great day on the water but you will leave with a lot of new local knowledge.If you need the services of a delivery skipper at any time we can also help out with that.

So whatever type of fishing you want to do and whatever species you want to catch remember you can do it when fishing in Australia.

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